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How to Save Money on Dumpster Rental

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In several places, the cost of a dumpster rental service can range from around $200 up to $700 or more. This is quite a large cost for most consumers. Thus, instead of just settling on the first estimate you get, it is worth getting the best possible deal.  

It is vital to get estimates from at least 2 or 3 dumpster rental companies in your location to get the perfect deal. Prices for the same dumpster rental Miami can vary by 15% or more between rental companies. In addition to that, one service provider might provide terms that better meet the needs of the task, such as increased weight allowance, rental period, and much more.  

Here are several negotiation strategies, tips, and questions that can help you get the perfect possible deal on your dumpster rental.  

Do You Provide Unique Discounts for Seniors, Veterans, and much more? 

Several rental firms will provide discounts of around 15% for seniors, active members of the military, veterans, and other groups that might be supported or affiliated with. This is a simple technique to get an excellent discount without having to negotiate the price. Since the rental company will not probably ask you, the key here is to ensure you ask them.  

Ask About Discounts for Short-Term Rentals 

During busy dumpster rental months, this technique is extremely effective. This includes fall, summer, and spring. Dumpster rental firms have limited containers in stock. Thus, fast returns will make sure they’ve got a container available for the next client.  

Thus, by asking if they could provide a lower rate if you keep the dumpster for 3, 2, or 1 day instead of the regular 7-day rental period provided by a lot of rental firms, you can easily take advantage of this.  

Ensure the Best Rate with “Clean Load” 

For those who don’t know, filling the dumpster with only one form of material, such as roofing shingles or concrete, is called a clean load. This makes it simple and fast for roll-off firms to drop off the load at the closest recycling facility. Oftentimes, the dump fees at these places are much more affordable compared to the disposal fees at a town landfill. 

Letting the dumpster rental provider understand beforehand that you plan to only load roofing shingles or concrete is the key here. This will make sure you get the ideal price.  

Do You Match the Rate of the Competitor? 

This is likely the perfect strategy to get the best rate on a dumpster. This is particularly true in competitive markets. 

Businesses will compete for your money, just like in any industry. You could utilize this info to possibly negotiate a better rate if a particular rental company is quoting you a rate on a 20-yard dumpster for $25 cheaper compared to other companies.  

You should ask if they “beat the rates of their competitors” or “match the price” when calling for dumpster rental estimates.  

It is ideal to get estimates from at least 3 different dumpster rental companies for this technique to work. 

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